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Ever since my sister split up with her abusive boyfriend she’s been spending a lot of time at my place. Lately she’s been telling me about how she’s been really horny lately with all the hormones and is considering hooking back up with that idiot.

I finally broke down and told her about how much I loved her. And not just as a brother. I’ve been in love with her for as long as I can remember. It’s always been her. That there was no need to go back to that life. That I could make her happy if she’d let me.


I was very hesitant about actually taking my son inside me at first. I mean a hand job here and there was one thing just to relieve his stress of course. But once I let him return the favor he ate my cunny like a man starving. I hadn’t cum that hard since..  Well I don’t even remember.

Then he climbed up my body kissing his way across my still quivering stomach, to my breasts with their diamond cutter nipples, on to my neck which really got my blood pumping again. 

I had no control anymore as I felt my own baby boy’s red hot penis rub against my cunny.

This may have been his first time with a woman but  what he lacked in experience he sure made up for in energy. Once he slipped past my inner lips he was like a machine pumping away inside my needy body until he filled me with everything he had. 

I could feel my son’s semen dripping out of me and running down my backside to soak the sheets under us as I told myself it was just this one time. 

Who am I kidding? Anyone who can lick me like he did can have my little pussy any time they want.

My baby boy sure has grown up.


I may not be fucking mom yet but at least I’m allowed to watch and jack off while Pop takes care of her. I can tell though by mom’s reaction that it won’t be long and she just may change the line up. 



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